Rhythms of Grace, Weekly Devotional, 11 July 2021

WhatsApp to God

Lord! I come to you with intention this week. To find  out what I should do.

Not only to walk in the things that You have called me to do,  to accomplish Your purpose in my life. I am spending  time with You! But… I have so many plans and ideas, I’m not sure which I should do first, however, since the lockdown all that is  on hold now. What do You suggest I do now…as I’m stuck with limited options and few people that I can tell of You?!

… any suggestions are welcome.

Let me know Your thoughts…chat soon



How many times do we send a note to people jotting down a quick thought to say let me know what you think… chat soon.

I hope I’m not alone with these thoughts that going on in my mind?

What I realized it that God said in Ecclesiastes 3:1 NKJV There is a time to sow, a time to wait and a time to reap. Ecclesiastes… “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:”

Mark chapter 4 speaks about Seed, Time and Harvest.

It’s important to know the time and season of your life, but much more to know what God is doing in this time of your life. So that you don’t become anxious waiting and then idle… we all know what goes with that saying.. so we try to keep busy but really we need stay ‘in the Rest.’ To be ready, that when God speaks we hear His voice… If we are anxious and restless we create unnecessary activity that becomes a distraction. It’s that distraction that will be the cause of you missing God’s word for the now moment of your life… or missing the mark.

‘Stay the course. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Stay in the rest and Remain in the moment that God has you in’. You don’t want to miss His Whisper. It the difference between enjoying where you are or not and starting or ending seasons they right way.

He is the Rest.