Rhythms of Grace, Weekly Devotional, 13 June 2021


At times in the leadership roles we hold, we come to points in life where we wonder if all that we are involved with is worth the effort. We question our abilities; we ask if we are really making any impact and many such or similar questions.

It is interesting to note that many leaders in the Bible went through periods like this — Moses, David, Paul and Elijah are a few examples. Elijah probably had the worse experience — he even had suicidal tendencies and asked God to take his life!

Reflecting on Elijah’s life we find four principles to hold on to as and when we or people around us go through such situations.

  1. Loneliness, questioning and doubts are part of our life’s journey, and at the same are stepping stones for reflection and moving ahead in the paths God has kept for us. God expected Elijah to reflect with him and move on.
  2. God’s angels are around to take care of us! Modern day angels come in all shapes and sizes — they are our friends and colleagues. Our mandate is to be angels to others when they go through such experiences, and they to be such to us as we go through! And all the angel did was to provide food and time to rest!
  3. Like Elijah God expects us to approach his mountain and reflect with him — “What are you doing here” “What has brought you to this situation” — but not to remain there — he asks Elijah to go back the way he came back into the busy schedules of his life.
  4. He was expected to go back with changed perspectives of his role and God’s roles.

His role was to build the next generation of leaders and support Elisha and the new king. God gave a new insight that there were 7000 or more like him who were in field actively involved in the work. He moved back with the clear perspective that God is on the move building his kingdom, and he is not alone. May we be people who on a daily basis function with these perspectives — God is on the move, and we are part of a movement, as people around us go through times of questioning and difficulties, let us be angels who provide a respite…and if you are going through such times hold on with assurance that these are stepping stones…

The beginning of April in India is a time to reflect on how much impact our last year’s work has been. Traditionally we evaluate how financially sound we have been. Though this is important, more than this, may we take this time to reflect “how people- impacting” our institutions, programs and each of us been the last year.


Lord, thank you for all those who uphold our work through prayer and encouragement. May we, too, encourage and pray for others engaged in Your ministry. Amen

Courageous Leaders by International Christian Medical & Dental Association; Bible.com Reading Plan 12498; Day 6