Rhythms of Grace – Weekly Devotional


Luke 17:5-6 TPT “Upon hearing this, the apostles said to Jesus, “Lord, you must increase our measure of faith!” Jesus responded, “If you have even the smallest measure of faith, it would be powerful enough to say to this large tree, ‘My faith will pull you up by the roots and throw you into the sea,’ and it will respond to your faith and obey you.”

Often we feel like the disciples “oh, Lord, Increase my Faith” but notice how Jesus responded, He reassured them that they may feel like there Faith isn’t enough but if it’s sincere it is enough to activate a breakthrough.

Let’s be Bold and ask God for Big things, let’s be unflinching in our declaration of His Word regardless how we feel, because when we agree with Him, even the smallest measure will move a mountain.

Prayer:  Jesus, please give boldness that isn’t intimidated by the mountain in my life or problems I face. I rest my confidence in what you said and I believe I will see a shift in my favor. Thank you for your Righteousness.