Rhythms of Grace, Weekly Devotional, 19 September 2021

Are You Letting the Lord Open Your Heart?

Your heart can be opened by the Lord so that you can hear what He wants to share just with you.

Are you letting the Lord open your heart?

He has much to tell you and wants you to pay attention.

When you do, He will show you wonderful things that will bless you richly.

He will help you see what He needs you to see. He will open the eyes of your heart as you draw closer to His presence. He will show you the way to go as the Holy Spirit guides you into all truth.

He wants to speak truth to you. Surrender to Him and the Holy Spirit will magnify your soul!




Dear Lord,

You have opened my heart so that I can pay close attention to You.

I am listening as You speak and I am praying for more revelation from You.

My heart is open to what You want to show me.

I am letting Your Spirit come to life in me as I walk in truth. You will show me Your glory and strengthen me more each day with the power of the Holy Spirit as I continue growing with You and paying close attention. Speak Lord, for Your servant, is listening with her heart!

In Jesus’ name, amen