Rhythms of Grace, Weekly Devotional, 5th September 2021

Are You Obeying God?

God wants our obedience. When we obey Him, we are showing God that we love Him.

Have you listened to His commands and followed them? Are you obeying God rather than men?

God needs you to step out and make a difference for Him.

He needs you to let go of your fear and start trusting Him again.

You have let others control your thoughts and hold you down.

Christ wants to lift you as you trust Him more and more.

He will exalt you at the proper time when you humble yourself before Him.

Stop listening to the other voices and let God’s voice be the one you hear and obey to find freedom, peace and utmost joy!


ACTS 5:29 “We must obey god rather than men.”


Dear Lord, You want me to obey You rather than men.

You will never lead me in the wrong direction as I trust You.

I have seen Your glory as I stay close to You. You speak as I listen.

You have directed my path as you prepare me for more opportunities to share Your love.

I am listening to what You need me to do, Lord. You want me to be a witness for others to see You.

As I do, I am obeying my call to love.

I will not let anything or anyone else stop me from pursuing You with all of my heart!

In Jesus’ name, amen