Rhythms of Grace, Weekly Devotional, 11 April 2021

Hezekiah, Isaiah, and the Siege – God delivers His people


The loss of a job or a loss of a loved one, stress, or anxiety can cause us to feel surrounded. You may have dealt with news even this week so hard to stomach that you felt you could go no further. If you’re in this space, you’re not alone.

What was Hezekiah’s desperate situation?

When the Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom, they also besieged Jerusalem, in the south. The king in Judah at the time was Hezekiah. He was understandably afraid and considered early surrender. Assyria was a world power; to them, the God of Israel was just another work of human hands (32.19). They’d soon find He wasn’t.

When surrounded, Hezekiah experienced God surrounding him.

What do Hezekiah’s and God’s responses teach us today?

Fear could have paralyzed Hezekiah. Instead, it dropped him to his knees. He and the prophet Isaiah cried out to in prayer to heaven (32.20). But they weren’t praying out of a lack of options. Prayer was their primary weapon.

Hezekiah’s back story shows us that his heart was turned to God. Chapter 29 relates his first moves as king. He cleaned the temple not of cobwebs but of idols. Hezekiah made sure the people’s stories would not be the same as their parents’, who turned their faces away from God. Hezekiah’s example can be ours too. We are not tied to generational stories. Things can change!

Hezekiah did was ‘right in the eyes of the Lord’ (verse 2). He trusted God and saw a nation turn back to Him. But still, the enemies came. Committing to life under God’s rule doesn’t spare us from the enemies. Instead of turning in on himself and despairing, Hezekiah sought God. God hears our cries. Without breaking a sweat, He sent the enemy packing.

Nothing that surrounds you can stand against the God of the Bible. Take heart: God fights the battles of His people.


Hezekiah prayed desperately and repaired the weak parts of the wall (32.5). Prayer and practical steps should not be at odds with one another.

Be blessed


(The Bible Course on YouVersion by The British & Foreign Bible Society)