Rhythms of Grace, Weekly Devotional, 27 June 2021

I remember clearly in the early days of my parents being saved, how excited they were to do church. First they used to go in the early days to help in Saratoga Avenue in Hillbrow where Ps Ray started the Charismatic Movement. He would preach the word and people off the streets would come to hear the word and also get saved. The spirit of the Lord was there and people flocked to hear…before long Ps Ray was looking for bigger premises.

Any opportunity my folks would get they would make sure to be at church. The fire of God’s word spread. In those days Faith Conventions we’re the thing to go to, where thousands would flock together to experience the presence of God, when there were no big gatherings we used to meet in shopping centers on Wednesday nights… the kids slept under the chairs while the meetings went on til late…for mid week Bible study, Eventually Rhema took to filling the Constantia  movie theatre on Sundays (it was a big hoopla) until Ps Ray could find something bigger which was then the Tony Factor Building in Jan Smuts Ave Randburg… by the grace of God they finally built their current campus where many meetings and souls got saved… My parents were Ps Ray’s spiritual children. They branched out to start there own ministries and God has been so good to them as their ministry became one of the big churches in the south of Jhb… growing up through both ministries as as a child I think back and I recall Ps Rays words ‘keep your eyes on Jesus’, He also used to love saying then, that…’the world is falling apart and people and trying to put it back together with bubblegum’ quite graphic then when you think about where we are now in this crazy world!

My dad’s famous words were… ‘stay the course’

Ps Larry and myself are in ministry because  the stalwarts of our Faith had the end in mind. Our forefathers built a legacy for us to follow… As believers we need to keep pushing forward, for our children, for the fatherless, for those who will come after us. So they can carry our faith forward.

If these people who had gone before us gave up when things got tough we may not be doing what we are doing now… I hear my dad’s words still in these ominous times we live in… “Mandy ‘stay the course”

No matter what you’re facing today, or what you are up against…. My encouragement to you is to… ‘stay the course!’

… keep your eyes on Jesus!

My words would be…”Take one moment at a time, one day at a time”, as you stand firm in your faith and trust that God will bring you through.

We are building the legacy of Christ in our lives with our families, friends and community.

We don’t always get things right but when we fail God is faithful.

Hold on to hope…’Stay the course…Keep your eyes on Jesus and live one moment at a time’


He will never let you down 👑


“Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead these people to possess all the land I swore to their ancestors I would give them.” Joshua 1:6 NLT