Rhythms of Grace – Weekly Devotional

Pure Hearts

Matthew 5:8 NLT (second edition), “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God”

To “see God” means to experience the presence of God. Believers who have a pure heart get to feel the power of God. They get to know the purpose of God for their lives. They get to live in the peace of God. They experience the pardon of God.

To be a people of integrity, spending time in His presence changes our hearts. However we don’t really talk a lot these days about being pure in heart, but we do use the word “integrity.” To have integrity does not mean you are perfect, because if it did, none of us would have it! But giving our hearts to God when we spend time with Him in The Secret Place;- we build spiritual integrity with Him.


Lord, as we seek you out and lean into you, purify our hearts— remove the grit that affects our integrity as we walk with you. We bless you Father, that you know all things and therefore know what it is we need. Help us walk with you in integrity in Jesus name.